Dental Implants

Dental implants at our Oakville clinic provide the gold standard for tooth replacement. They are the ideal solution for replacing one or more missing teeth.

Our in-house surgeon, has dual qualifications in medicine and dentistry, and further maxillofacial training, making her the ideal person to see for your surgery.She uses advanced surgical techniques and the highest quality materials available, with the result being dental implants that look and feel natural and last for the long-term.

Dental implants

Why Choose Dental Implants at our Chelsea Dental Clinic?

At our Oakville Dental Clinic, we pride ourselves on the following points:

Aesthetics – Cosmetically they can look like natural teeth and will sit in the gum in the same way as a natural tooth.

No damage to other teeth – Unlike bridges or dentures, implants do not require support from other teeth. In fact dental implants will help provide support to the surrounding teeth.

Prevent bone loss – Having a dental implant in the bone will stop the bone from shrinking and therefore will maintain facial support and structure. The sooner the Dental Implant is placed the more bone will be maintained.

Increase life of remaining teeth – Dental Implants will protect the remaining teeth from excessive forces (by spreading the chewing load) and will stop teeth migrating, tilting and over-erupting.

Fixed – Dental Implants are fixed in your mouth and do not require removal as with dentures.

No more fillings or sensitivity – Dental Implants will never need a filling or root canal treatment and they will never be sensitive.

Dental Implant Treatment Options

Dental Implants placed

Immediate Tooth Replacement

Single Tooth Replacement

Multiple Teeth Replacements

Full Arch Dental Implants and All-on-4 Dental Implants or ‘Same Day Teeth’

Dental Implants

Implant Retained Dentures or Dental Implant Removable Bridge

Occasionally, for some patients, for example where there is a history of aggressive gum disease, it may be wise to consider a removable bridge supported by Dental Implants. A removable bridge will be easier to keep clean and also easier for future monitoring and maintenance of the Dental Implants.

Leave your worries at the door and enjoy a healthier, more precise smile

We are compassionate dental professionals committed to providing quality care in a relaxing atmosphere


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